2020 feeney/winthrop CD Released

2020 has been a different year, no question. In the last nine months our individual and collective universe has shrunk; we are cautious about where we go and who we see. We’re concerned about public health announcements, government response, and community compliance. If we’re fortunate enough to still be employed, we’re likely working remotely, isolated from co-workers. Many of us are sharing this workspace with our children and, of necessity, supervising their remote learning. Travel out of state, or really anywhere of note, has been indefinitely postponed, and we’re in the middle of a holiday season without much opportunity to safely spend time with relatives and dear friends. And, last but certainly not least, many of us have lost someone we knew to this insidious virus.

Still, we feel a need to acknowledge this extraordinary year, its approaching end, and to believe that 2021 will be better, looking forward to a return to some normalcy sometime next spring or early summer.

The emotional connection through music and the innate pleasure it can provide can never be quarantined. Although at this moment we can’t share our music with you in person, we are excited to announce the release of our new album, “2020”.

The album contains our take on some old favorites, but also includes several original compositions. The new music reflects not only the loss or disruption of relationships we have experienced in 2020, but also the unique connection of love, and the optimism we have for the coming year and into the future.

We expect the new album to be available any day now on Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify, where the songs may be sampled and downloaded. Additionally, we will be releasing a new music video each week featuring a song from the album. On our YouTube channel, we have posted the first four videos from the 2020 album, including a previously unreleased song and video, “Our Children.” You may access these videos by clicking here and, when you do so, please subscribe to our YouTube channel:

You may also click on the link below to watch the video for “Our Children,” which is an original song expressing confidence in the generation following ours—our generation has not always measured up to its potential and we will unfortunately be leaving a lot of clean-up work. Although the notion may be heretical in some circles, the so-called “Millennials” may very well be the next “Greatest Generation”:

Happy New Year!

Matt Feeney, Larry Winthrop, Luke Holton, Pat Winthrop and Ellen McWhirter

December, 2020