Feeney/winthrop — featuring Valley legal stars — performs benefit concert

When forming a band and making music, lots of components come into play — songwriting, recording, genre, and harmony among band members are perhaps the most crucial aspects to a long-lasting and successful group. For members of Valley band feeney/winthrop, creating music is a creative outlet and has been since they formed the band more than 35 years ago. Members are vocalist Matthew P. Feeney, chair, Snell & Wilmer; guitarist and singer is Judge Lawrence F. Winthrop, Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One; piano player Luke Holton; Pat Winthrop; bass player Gerry Garcia; and Ellen McWhirter.

So how did these professionals come together to form the band?

“Back in 1984, when Matt and I were both working at Snell & Wilmer, I heard Matt was a singer and played the guitar,” Winthrop said, “so I introduced myself and basically invited myself into his next music practice, where he auditioned me. That led to a more formal arrangement with three of us, including Ellen McWhirter. We decided to name the band Turning the Tide, which was based on a book by Noam Chomsky, which was a piece of optimistic writing about social change.”

They continued as a trio into the early 1990s. McWhirter eventually left the band and Winthrop’s wife, Pat, joined the group in the late 1990s. Since the early 1990s, they have been known as feeney/winthrop. Holton joined the group five years ago and McWhirter rejoined the band in 2019.

“We’ve found it to be a useful vehicle to make contributions in our community in a variety of ways on behalf of a number of different groups including Andre House and St. Vincent de Paul and now for the last several years, St. Joseph the Worker,” Winthrop said.

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